Factors that goes against taking pet insurance

Pet owners have to really think twice before deciding to get a pet insurance. One of the factors that go against the concept of taking a pet insurance is the maximum limit that is placed on the pay out by the insurer. Pet owners might be making a claim for several thousands of dollars. But they get only a fraction of the amount claimed, because of the limits placed by the insurer. Moreover, if the pet already has some ailments at the time of taking the coverage, the pet owner cannot make a claim on the treatment done related to the pre existing condition.

Instead of opting for a pet insurance, the pet owner can actually create an emergency fund and ad some amount on a monthly basis instead of paying the monthly premium. Whenever need arises, the pet owner can take the money from this fund and provide treatment to the pet. There is no need to worry on whether the pet insurance would cover the treatment procedure. The veterinary bills can be paid by the using the amount that has accumulated in the emergency fund. One more reason to avoid pet insurance is that related to the time frame of claim made. If the claim is made within a few months of taking insurance, pet owner gets back only a small portion of the claimed amount.

Not all payday loans are the same

When looking at a payday loan, the interest rate is one of the first things to be considered. The cash payday loans can carry interest rates as low as 10 percent. Rates can even go as a high as 900 percent. The interest is determined by how long the funds will be needed. The longer the repayment period, the higher the interest rates can become.

Defaulting on a payday loan

Regardless of whether or not the funds are available in an account, the debit transaction is scheduled. If the funds are not available, the loan may be considered default in status. When a person defaults on a payday loan, collection calls are one of the methods used to recover the funds. In addition to collection methods allowed by law, the lender can pursue legal action in a small claims court where the person can be held responsible for the loan, legal fees and collection costs.

Receiving the payday loans

Some companies specialize in cash payday loans. My Canada Payday, for example, offers payday loans in cash at their Surrey office, but if you are in Ontario or Saskatchewan you can only borrow online. The person may be provided cash immediately upon being approved for a loan. The person has to apply for the cash advance loan at a physical store location. These locations usually offer same day processing and approval.

Funds from a loan are rarely dispensed in the form of a check. The only time a check is used in the process is to secure a hold for funds to be drafted at a designated date. Companies prefer to electronically deposit funding directly onto a debit card or into a checking account.

Some lenders provide a prepaid debit card to provide easy access to funds. The person can easily swipe a card and have the funds available to them. The cards can be accessed at most ATM locations and can be used indefinitely once activated. This option is provided as a convenient method for people to manage their loan long- term and prevents the person from overdrafting.

Some lenders do no offer the loan in this type of manner. The money can be electronically deposited into a person’s account once the application is approved. The most common method for dispensing cash for payday loans is the savings and checking card. Lenders prefer to have access to the account information used to process paychecks.

Before taking out a payday loan, it is best to carefully review the terms of the agreement. Penalties and interests can quickly accumulate. Debits made to overdrawn accounts can result in bank fees and other fees assessed by the lender. Because it is so easy for a person to fall into a payday loan cycle, individuals should think carefully about the amount of money being borrowed, the repayment terms, and the interest rates.

Wedding Insurance Covers More than just Changes of Heart

Most people think that wedding insurance only covers things like a spouse deciding not to go through with the wedding, but it actually covers a lot of things. Disasters, lost goods and sudden needs to change venue are all covered by the insurance. In fact, wedding insurance does not even usually cover a spouse deciding that they do not want to go through with the wedding if it has been less than six months.

For these reasons, it should never be a taboo subject to bring up with your partner whether or not you should consider wedding insurance. This type of insurance is actually incredibly important and should not be viewed as a lack of confidence in your plan or in your future successful and happy marriage. It exists only to help prevent the disastrous and expensive errors that can put a real strain on your finances after you have tied the knot. Therefore, whether your wedding is going to be really expensive or just small and between friends, you should consider wedding insurance. It is not meant to prevent against a spouse not wanting to continue the marriage, but instead makes sure that the wedding ceremony will go well.

Availing of Video Game Discounts on Steam


If you’re looking to get into real video gaming, then the PC is your friend. While some websites have touted that PC gaming is dead, the reality is that it’s very much alive, only it’s transferred onto the World Wide Web. One company that has helped push up PC gaming sales over the past few years is Steam.

For those not that familiar with the company, Steam is an online distributor of video games. Almost all gaming titles for the PC are available there. Account holders are able to purchase the game they want, download it, and have a seamless gaming experience, all from the comfort of their recliner. But the biggest draw to the website by far is the low prices.

To begin with, the retail prices offered by Steam are a few dollars cheaper than in traditional stores. However, most buyers choose to hold off until a sale comes on. These are usually packaged as ” Daily Deals ” where a game gets up to 50% off on its usual price. There are also game bundles wherein related games or a game and its add- ons are packaged together for a significantly lower price.

If you’re really serious about saving up on Steam games, then you should wait for the yearly Summer sale. During this time, prices can go down as much as 90%. Be warned though, these prices are insanely cheap, so it’s not unusual for a gamer to have his PC filled with games just because of the daily discounts.


Variable Rate Mortgages and Interest Rate Changes

Since the 2008 financial crisis, the housing market has been steadily recovering. While this is good news for potential buyers, this will also mean steady increase in bank interest rates. For those with variable rate mortgages, this rate increase will affect their bottom line. This might worry those who aren’t that familiar with these mortgage terms, but a quick rundown will show what exactly this has to do with their monthly payments.

First of all, the variable rate will change from month to month, and will usually be determined at the beginning of every month. The rate will then be applied to the principal amount, which will then affect the interest amount. However, the variable rate will not affect the monthly payment amount. Why is this?

While the monthly payment stays the same, what changes is the number of payments that goes into paying off the mortgage. This is because the increasing rate will of course add to the interest amount. Luckily, a decreasing rate will also help lessen the potential payment amount, but this happens rarely.

To put it in simple terms, mortgages with variable rates will always have the same monthly payment amount. What changes is the number of payments needed to pay off the total mortgage, including a possible increase in the interest amount.